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Welcome to Be Fluid… a place to discover the Zhineng Qigong journey. What is Zhineng Qigong? Why to practice Qigong? To whom Zhineng Qigong is addressed? Theansweristoeverybody. It is addressed both to kids and old people, to healthy and sick people, to both genders. Everybody can practice, depending on their ability, the exercises, usually including slow and gentle movements.

It also addressesto: dancers, martial arts practitioners, healers (cultivating energetic sensitivity).

If you are interested in practicing with me, I recommend that you read some words about Zhineng Qigong below. Also, a number of frequently asked questions are at your disposal.


Chryssi Berou.

What is Qi (chi)?

The meaning of Qi is generally interpreted in the West as breathing, life force, vital energy or spiritual energy. Qi is inherent in anything. The Chinese symbol for Qi (energy) was formed by the symbol of the steam and that of the rice. We would say, in virtual terms, that we are moving towards the nutritional aspect of energy.

What is Qigong?

In Chinese, the word “Qigong” has two characters, Chi and Gong. “Chi” means the energy of life and “Gong” means daily effort, practice,cultivation. In a nutshell, Qigong is a practice where we use energy for various purposes, including self-healing. Each one of us is energy and has the potential to use energy for various purposes. It is exactly the same as swimming, we are potentially born swimmers but only when we acquire the skill of swimming, then we can enjoy various water activities such as diving, water polo, free, butterfly, etc. In the same way, we are trained in virtuosity to use energy, we are not born with it. Once a person is trained to use energy, he can use it for martial arts, dancing, weightlifting and, of course, medicine, self-healing.

What Dantian?

There are three (3) energy centers (Dantian) in the human body. The upper Dantian is connected with the mind and the senses. It is located between Yintang and Yuzhen, acupuncture points. The middle Dantian is linked to the heart and the lungs. It is located between Dabao – acupuncture points under the armpits, and in Tanzhong between the breasts. The lower Dantian is associated with the abdomen. It is located between Duqi and Ming Men.

The lower Dantian is considered the most important, it is the storehouse of our energy. Qi is distributed from the lower Dantian to the entire body, along the network of energetic meridians.

About Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a simple and natural training method that trains both the body and the mind. A lot of people have experienced significant health improvements through this form of exercise. The method consists of slow, soft movements that anyone can do regardless of physical condition. The name Zhineng Qigong means a qigong method that can increase our wisdom and ability.

Qigong is especially well suited for modern societies where the pace and the stress level are high. The dynamic exercises of the method make it easier to calm down and focus on the training compared to static methods or meditation. Zhineng Qigong is a safe method that is easy to learn and practice. There are documented results both in China and the west. There is also award-winning research on the effects of Zhineng Qigong.

Who is Dr. Pang Ming?

Grandmaster Pang Ming, M.D., is a pioneer of all teachers, opening the Qigong secrets to the general public. Dr. Pang is the founder of Zhineng Qigong and the director of the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. Grandmaster Pangh Ming is widely known as Lao-shi (Lao Shi), Master.

About Dr. Pang Ming is a qigong grandmaster and a physiotherapist, trained in both Chinese traditional and Western medicine. It combines its medical knowledge and skills in the 5000-year-old traditional Qigong, with the aim of spreading this natural healing method. He has written more than 9 books on Zineng Qigong.

Characteristics and Effects of Zhineng Qigong

Characteristics – Important Concepts


The basis of Zhineng Qigong, like all other qigong methods, is the Oriental understanding of a human’s ability to increase and manage qi. In English the word qi means “life force” or “vital energy”. Qigong is a self-training art for the body, the mind and for qi. The word qigong literally means to train and manage qi. A person who practices a good qigong method that is taught by an experienced teacher, should be able to increase and improve his or her qi quickly.

The concept of qi is not used in western healthcare, but some of the positive results of qigong can be explained by effects measurable in conventional medicine, such as better blood circulation, increased range of motion, better posture and improved immune defense.


The qi-field is the most important characteristic of Zhineng Qigong. When many persons practice together under the supervision of an experienced teacher with high gong fu, a strong qi-field can be generated. Creating and using a qi-field in this way is a unique feature of Zhineng Qigong.

Gong fu

The Chinese word gong fu is often used to describe skills that can be acquired by focusing on the purpose of the training and by practicing hard. In a qigong context it is said that a person has higher gong fu when he or she manages to do the exercise in a better way, is motivated to practice and has a deeper understanding of the method and the philosophy. Gong fu is also reflected in a person’s way of using the body, mind and qi. The body should be relaxed, harmonious and soft as a child’s. A person with high gongfu interacts with others in a respectful, trustworthy and kind manner.

The Effects of the Training

By practicing Zhineng Qigong we can reduce or completely get rid of various ailments, both physical and mental ones. Zhineng Qigong can also be of use for completely healthy, active people. Practicing qigong cangiveyou:

  • A relaxed, balanced body that is soft, easy to control and free from pain. In a soft and relaxed body the circulation works well – this is a prerequisite for good health.
  • A clear mind free from distracting thoughts.
  • Increased patience, concentration and reduced stress.
  • Maintained vitality well into old age.
  • Better health and well-being. When you feel better, it is also easier to have better relationships.

Start Training Qigong with Us

The most common way to start training qigong is by attending a basic course. During one weekend one can learn our main exercise Hold qi up and the course takes 12 hours. Another possibility is to start with weekly lessons once a week.

In most locations where we offer weekend courses it is possible to continue practicing qigong in a group, once a week through skype or zoom. The practice groups are a great support and help increase the motivation of the participants to continue their qigong training on a regular basis. They also offer an excellent opportunity to discuss qigong with other enthusiasts.

If you want us to come and organize a course in your hometown, please contact us.

About teaching

In Be Fluid you cannot become a teacher by taking any specific course. Instead, those who wish to start teaching, have to participate in many courses, especially the longer ones, practice by themselves and help out in different ways. In this way they will build experience, so that they gradually can start to teach courses on their own. Becoming a teacher is a long process, which means that the teachers in our courses are very familiar with our method.

The strength and quality of the school’s qi-field depends to a high degree on the main teacher’s ability, experience and gong fu.

How to get started

The most common way to start practicing at Zhineng Qigong is to attend basic level 1 exercise, either in six introductory classes or during a weekend. Learn the exercise completely, within twelve (12) hours.

If it suits you, you’re continuing with one of our programs:

You can choose the following:

Group courses 1½ hours, in small groups, once a week, total monitoring (8) eight months, from October to June.

A second option is to attend 1½ hours, twice a week for a period of 8 months (complete level 1 learning).You can learn the basic LQUPQD exercise, a 12-hour course, within a FF. It is possible to continue group exercise once a week for help and assistance (it also concerns provinces or seminars in organizations). In this case, Be Fluid has created a five (5) weekend module for you who want to deepen in the basic exercise and also to learn the other Level 1 exercises.

The last option concerns 5-day workshops, winter and summer, in nature. An integrated 30-hour theory and exercise program is provided. Here you have the ability to work in condensed knowledge and create a support group. For more information on the Activities Program.

The exercises


It’s asimple method that teaches you how to relax your mind and body. Relaxing naturally and mentally is an important step in the preparation of the exercise, but equally important to relax in your everyday life. In a stretched body traffic is negatively affected, which can lead to various health problems.


Easy and effective method for fast taking energy (Qi). The exercise is easy to learn. You can practice for short or long, depending on your preference, sitting or standing in a static position. Exercise enables us to feel the energy quickly and is the foundation for the use and future understanding of energy. LA QI is taught in all core courses and in summer / winter workshops.



It is a dynamic method. The goal of the exercise is to develop your abilities and intelligence / wisdom by quickly providing more energy. Many trainees in LQUPQD have improved their health and even more have been self-healed. It is taught in all learning situations. By this method the practitioner learns to exchange his energy (Qi-chi) with that of the Universe. He learns to bring more energy to his body through a form of movement. Mild, slow movements and visions bring about a meditative condition that helps to block blockages in the body, helping the body / mind to be cured of diseases.It is the first level of practice of Zhineng Qigong, founded by Professor He Ming Pang. It became publicly known in China in 1980. It has been shown, through scientific studies, that Zhineng Qigong improves holistically the health. Visualization and concentration are the keys to this method. Through natural movements and the guidance of thought, inner Qi (human energy) is released and the external Qi (the energy of nature) is absorbed. Absorbing / releasing, clearing and opening the meridians, associated with the energy of man and nature. It is a very effective process and is easy to learn.


It is a meditative posture, a static method where the practitioner concentrates energy within the three energy centers. It stimulates your energy and directly boosts you and your energy. The method also exercises your mind and will.Its goal: the absorption of external energy (Qi) within us. This method uses different visualizations and postures, depending on the level, as it serves as a bridge in the transition from LEVEL 1 to 2, and 3 and 4.If you want to move on to Zhineng Qigong, this exercise is very worthwhile. She is taught in the 8-month training and in the 5-day winter workshop.


With this exercise you learn to relax the waist very quickly, basic Qigong practice. Relaxing the waist is the beginning to relax the rest of the body.

In Western societies, most keep the waist tight and rigid, which affects our health in a negative way.

WALLSQUATTS is also a physical exercise that educates the mind. It can calm us down. Excellent exercise for those who have a mind-splitting and / or difficulty concentrating. Exercise is taught in 8-month education and in summer 5-day workshops 1.

This is a slow move, up and down, with the practitioner having his face on the wall. The method is a sedentary form. It is a very powerful way to gather energy (Qi) and can be done with different visualizations, depending on the use.

This method can regulate the entire body and helps the spine maintain its proper attitude and in the treatment of energy reactions.


Chen Qi method stimulates and mobilizes the inner energy of man and unifies it all over the body.

Level 2


The main method of Zhineng Qigong – level 2. It is a dynamic method, which can quickly open up your meridians and help the energy go deeper. It nurses and relaxes the body.

This method takes longer to practice and is more demanding. He works with inner , integrating mind and body, and allowing Qi to penetrate even deeper into the muscles, tendons, bones. It can be practiced by relatively new beginners, and helps trainees to increase their ability to collect Qi directly.

It includes ten forms and is structured to move every part of the body. The movements are both small and large. Most people tend to focus on big moves and deny small ones. Small movements are very effective in triggering meridians, improving energy and blood circulation.

The movements balance the right-left, back and forth, up and down. They work to stretch and constrict the muscles, tendons, and mobility and flexibility of the joints.
By practicing this method, you will balance energy (Qi) and make your body beautiful.

You help yourself in understanding the exercise after practicing LQUPQD and 3 CM, for about a year.

I usually recommend first level learning for a year before practicing B & M. This method is taught in summer workshops 2.


A number of additional exercises that help you stay healthy. They are very simple and do not take time. If you are often sitting or watching a TV or a screen, these exercises will give you specific help, and you can do them during your work. Learn exercises tailored to problematic areas such as eyes, throat, back … Taught in 8 months of training and 3 hours of special lessons.

About video distribution on the website

Often, in the Zineng Qigong area, you will be able to watch some videos, with material, exercises for home practice. The above videos simply make it easier for you to exercise at home, but they do not replace the training you are given.