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Holistic health means having a clear idea of how to achieve inner peace and rest in your active day. Be Fluid invites you to participate in some beautiful opportunities to practice the power of mind, beauty and healing abilities of Zhineng Qigong, Healing Wisdom Qigong. Learn the power of relaxation and joy, through the workshops that are often organized, in Athens and all over Greece. Taste a complete experience in nature or in your city.

Zhineng Qigong online

Are you ready for the next step? For all of you who Holargos  is not convenient for practice,  or you live in another city, or you want to add more lessons, you can participate in [...]

ΗΥQ Meditation for Beginners

What is meditation? I don't know how to meditate Meditation means nothing more than calming your minds so that you can hear your heart. And how do they do that? Relaxing the body. You relax [...]

Inner Alignment & Deep Connection

New 8-daily livestream lessons (2 cycles) Hello my friends, We experience a new era, some of you may feel numb, tired, without energy...  you may experience mental fuzziness or feel that you have lost your [...]