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chryssiChryssi Berou lives in Athens. She has worked as a Costume Designer for 22 years and she is now involved in healing and wellbeing. She was introduced in Facilitating and Therapeutic Visualizations by Barbara Ann Brennan and Gerard Epstein.

In 2012 she discovered Zhineng Qigong and its amazing benefits. In 2013 she went to China to acquire further knowledge on the subject, and she is now a certified Instructor (level 1-2) and HYQ Facilitator.

She offers a combination of services based on Qi balance through the practice of energetic cleansing and conversation.

In her method she leads the participants, through a combination of the different techniques, to realize emotionally and mentally the motivation of their comportment/behavior. Words cannot transfer the experience, because they are clearly subjective.


In 2015 she was diagnosed by Crohn’s disease… she recovered after the second painful crisis in two months…

Her purpose is to activate a better connection with self and the world.

It is not a healing method, but an emotional-mental cognition, that can have healing value, only if it can be used daily by the participant, and exclusively with his own will.

The last five years people trust this method and they experience its benefits, by improving their health, dealing better with stress, connecting again with joy.

Chryssi Berou

Χρυσή Μπέρου