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The perfect medicine.
Our constant companion in each of us every moment of the day…
It is consciousness.

Therefore connect / pray / meditate with this constant companion within you and not with an imaginary god of your intellect.

And pure consciousness, what is it?

The level of pure consciousness is a state of consciousness, which directly mirrors itself. Master Wei calls this level Mingjue.The path  is slow, steady and conscious. The road to the world starts from within you. There is no rush here. Have this place with you wherever you want to go.

This season’s meditations focus on cultivating this level. The intention of this cycle is to enable us to develop a stable, clear, subtle and balanced consciousness.

As you choose to practice and improve it, you gain a pure and stable awareness, which will bring you wisdom and will to create a life full of happiness. Cultivate the ability to absorb abundant and harmonious qi, which helps you overcome problems at all levels (physical, emotional, mental)

Upcoming online meetings: 15/11, 13/12, 17/01, 14/02, 21/03, 18/04, 16/05, 13/06

Time: 18: 00-19: 30 (Greek time)
Venue: Online via zoom
Investigation for health: 20 euros / per meditation – 150 euros / prepaid the whole cycle

Upon payment, you receive the password.

Registrations are completed 4 days before the meditation day

You are all welcome!

Chrysi Hantzaridou-Berou
Facilitator of Cosmic Energy
HYQ & YYT Healing
Zhineng Qigong Instructor
210 6513681, 6936 684868, fb: Be Fluid