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Personal sessions where a space of communication with your Universal Self is created.Every communication is different from human to human, as the Universal Self gives you exactly what you need at this time.Free will prevails over everyone and in no case your Universal Self will tell you what to do. But what he can do for you is…

  • Explain why some things happen in your life and what you have to learn from them.
  • Give you background information on your contract that is happening at the moment.
  • Enlighten the choices ahead of your path.
  • Explain to you the form of contracts you have with other co-travelers.
  • To help you understand what pieces of your life you can work to get on your path.
  • Help you find hidden blessings in difficult situations.
  • Find your passion and express it on Earth.

Whatever you hear, hold on just what is in your heart … You create the conditions in your life, but if you allow your Universal Self to reflect all those you cannot discern at this time, you can create more easily your own Paradise on this side of the veil ….