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Zhineng Qigong

Welcome to Be Fluid… a place to discover the Zhineng Qigong journey. What is Zhineng Qigong? Why to practice Qigong? To whom Zhineng Qigong is addressed? The answer is to everybody…. (more)

Facilitation of Universal Energy

I’m a Facilitator of Universal Energy, and that means I make it easier for the Universe to come into your body, creating a beautiful and peaceful place to unfold your whole being… (more)

Conversation and Guidance

Personal sessions where a space of communication with your Universal Self is created… (more)

HYQ Healing Meditations

True joy, self-confidence and faith come from within us despite all our circumstances and our old experiences… (more)

Qigong in the woods

Hello friends, The body appreciates the soft, gentle movement ~ Lao Tze Be Fluid offers you this season, a short hike and Qigong practice on the mountain, in Ymittos. Once a month, we will practice together for 20 minutes, we will walk together for 20 [...]

Live Q&A: Τea wirh Chryssi Berou

Hello friends, You often ask me: What is Zhineng Qigong , how do you spell it?.... and what is Private sessions with Facilities of Universal Energy? Or... you follow zhineng qigong lessons and you want to share your experience, or ask questions for more understanding [...]